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Local Norfolk LGBT links

  • LGBT History Month Events in Norfolk
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  • Norfolk LGBT HM Facebook Group
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  • Norwich Pride

  • BLAH Youth
    BLAH is part of The Norfolk LGBT Project working together since 2007 to provide social & peer support groups for young gay, lesbian, bisexual people or those questioning their sexuality from 14-25yrs old. The main purpose of our work is to provide a safe venue, away from the scene where young LGB people can have the opportunity to talk about issues affecting them, to offer an opportunity for them to access condoms, sexual health/HIV information and also the chance to meet other LGB young people. We achieve this by providing weekly youth groups.

National UK LGBT Groups & Links

  • LGBT History Month UK

  • Schools Out
    To provide both a formal and informal support network for all people who want to raise the issue of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in education. To campaign on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans issues as they affect education and those in education.

  • Stonewall
    Stonewall is renowned for its campaigning and lobbying. Some major successes include helping achieve the equalisation of the age of consent, lifting the ban on lesbians and gay men serving in the military, securing legislation allowing same-sex couples to adopt and the repeal of Section 28. More recently Stonewall has helped secure civil partnerships and ensured the recent Equality Act protected lesbians and gay men in terms of goods and services. Stonewall also works with a whole range of agencies to address the needs of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in the wider community. Our Diversity Champions programme offers advice and support to over 600 organisations including IBM, Barclays, Barnardos, DCLG and the Royal Navy.

International LGBT Groups & Links

LGBT History Links

LGBT Support/Health Organisations & Links

  • Terrence Higgins Trust
    Whatever your sexuality, HIV status, gender, cultural background or ethnic origin, THT has services set up with your needs in mind. If you’re affected by HIV, then we’ll try to help.

  • The Lesbian and Gay Foundation
    The LGF is a registered charity fighting for and supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

*LGBT is an inclusive term representing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans(gender).
It also includes other groups relating to sexual orientation or gender identity including Intersex, Queer and more.